Truck Parts Store in Hilo, HI

Automotive Supply Center’s extensive truck supply covers all applications for every make and model. From light, medium, heavy duty, and 4×4 trucks, we have the parts and accessories from the industry’s leading manufacturers to take care of your specific needs.

Truck Accessories

ASC has custom accessories for your truck to add functionality and convenience. Interior accessories will not only improve the way your truck looks, but also helps with cleanliness. Exterior accessories will give your truck a bolder look, while improving safety.

4×4 Trucks

There are numerous times when you need a truck. However, once you get off the highway and onto rougher terrain, regular trucks don’t always have what it takes to do the job. This is where 4×4 trucks come in handy because they are built specifically for off road work and gaining access to places that regular trucks can’t. This includes your favorite fishing or hunting spot and/or homes that are in remote areas. Automotive Supply Center has the parts you need to repair your 4×4 truck.

Light Trucks

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out where to get the parts you need, but ASC is your one-stop shop.  When it’s time to perform preventive maintenance or custom upgrades to your truck, we have everything you need.  From Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Toyota, we have it all.

Heavy Trucks

Automotive Supply Center provides a full spectrum of heavy duty and diesel truck parts and supplies such as diesel motor oil, fluids, additives, heavy-duty truck shocks, suspension parts, air brake valves, line and friction parts, electrical parts and switches, exhaust parts, chrome and stainless steel accessories, mud flaps, and much more. Our parts meet or exceed the original manufacturer equipment (OEM) specifications, so you don’t have to sacrifice quality for price.