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Keep your vehicle cool with auto air conditioning parts from Automotive Supply Center. We have a huge inventory of quality auto air conditioning parts, including driers, evaporators, expansion devices, and more. All of our parts and their original factory base component are manufactured to perform. We are your top AC parts outlet if you want an air compressor, AC recharge kit, or other air conditioning component. Here is a video on how your car’s air conditioning system works:

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Air Compressor

An air compressor is the probably the most important part of your air conditioning system. It compresses the AC refrigerant from liquid to gas, enabling your air conditioner to produce the cold air that exits the vents. Without an air compressor, your vehicle will heat up immediately. We recommend you purchase an air compressor with the exact specifications of the original factory part to ensure proper function.

There is no accurate time as far as how long your air compressor will last. Many factors determine the lifespan of your compressor such as the age of your car and how often you use your AC. However, if your air conditioner makes noise when you turn your AC on, if coolant leaks, or if your AC only cools your vehicle intermittently, then it may be time to replace your air compressor.

AC Recharge Kit

Your car air conditioning system can lose up to 15% of its refrigerant every year. When your air conditioner doesn’t cool your vehicle properly, it may be time to recharge your system. Our AC recharge kit inventory includes multiple parts and components to get your air conditioner to blow cool air again.  All you need to do is hook the kit up, start the car, crank your AC, and refill the system. An AC recharge kit can save you a lot of time and money as opposed to taking your car to a repair shop.

AC Condenser

If your air conditioning system isn’t condensing, it’s not working. The AC condenser changes the refrigerant from a gas state to a liquid state. This is essential for your car’s air conditioning to produce the liquid and gas dynamic that makes the whole system function properly. When your AC condenser goes bad, you’ll notice icy vents and frost near your AC panels.

AC Evaporator

Your AC evaporator is your car air conditioner’s second-largest heat exchanger. The AC evaporator is also a humidifier because your AC system’s cool air contains practically no moisture. Through evaporation, moisture is entered back into the system, allowing the compressor, condenser, and other AC parts to do their magic. The evaporator also signals the temperature controls to be open and close, allowing you to vary the temperature of your AC.

Contact the Auto Air Conditioning Parts Experts

There’s nothing more uncomfortable than driving in a hot, muggy car. In addition to keeping your vehicle temperatures cool, air conditioning filters pollutants and airborne particles, which keep the air in your car clean. Just like any other auto part or system, your air conditioner must be checked on a regular basis. If you start to notice problems with your AC, such as blowing warm air or making loud noises, please contact us today. We can help you find the right parts and accessories to get your AC working properly again.