Auto Parts and Supplies
in Hilo, HI

Automotive Supply Center is Hilo’s leading auto parts and supplies provider. Our car parts store has an expansive inventory of automotive parts for all popular vehicle makes and models. We have the parts and supplies you need for your domestic and imported car or truck.

We have a complete line of automotive supplies for:

  • Auto Motor Parts: Spark plugs, engine valves, engine filters, ignition parts, sensors, gaskets, valve trains, and block parts to keep your vehicle operating at optimum performance.
  • Auto Electrical Parts: Car fuses, alternators, starters, automotive harnesses, ignition switches, and terminal connectors to power your vehicle.
  • Car Accessories: Floor mats, seat covers, sunshades, and wind and rain deflectors to protect your car from the elements.
  • Car Detailing Products: Car wax, car polish, rubbing compound, tire dressings, and carpet and interior cleaners to keep your car looking like new.
  • Auto Body Supplies: Automotive paint, body tools, body repair kits, paint spray guns, and masking systems to remove dents and rust as well as renew your vehicle’s finish.
  • Auto Fluids: Motor oil, transmission oil, coolant, brake fluid, and power steering fluid. Learn how to check and when to replace them.