Need a New Auto Battery?
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The average auto battery lasts between three to five years. However, factors such as extreme heat, driving during heavy traffic, and using car accessories such as phone chargers can reduce the lifespan of your battery. If your car battery is at least three years old, you may want to replace it. A new battery could save you time and money compared to calling roadside assistance or a friend for a jump. Here are some auto battery basics to get you started:

Signs to Replace your Car Battery

The first sign to replace your battery is when the level of your car battery charge is not enough to start your car. However, do not throw your battery right away. You should charge it completely and see if you can start your engine. If you can, continue driving while keeping an eye on its level of charge. However, if your car battery’s level of charge is not enough to start your engine after two weeks or less, it’s time to replace your battery.

Another sign that you need a new battery is corrosion on your battery terminals or spots on the battery itself. If you see any of these, take it seriously. These spots and corrosion may be the result of a leak in your battery. In addition, if you can smell sulfur coming from your battery, you need to replace it as soon as possible.

Jumper Cables Always Come In Handy

Jumper cables can be your best friend if you happen to get stranded on the road. We even carry heavy duty jumper cables that are thicker and capable of transmitting more electrical current. Jumper cables have to transmit enough energy to jump start a car, and if they aren’t thick enough, they won’t be able to get enough current across from battery to battery. Heavy duty jumper cables are more likely to be able to transmit the required amount of electrical current. In addition, our heavy duty jumper cables come with bigger clips. This makes for better connections between the two batteries, which reduces the chance that you will have to jiggle the clips around to find a good connection.

Use a Battery Tester Regularly

You should check your car battery at least once a year to make sure it has enough charge. Testing a battery is very easy with a battery tester. With an auto battery tester, all you need to do is connect the terminals to your car battery, press the test button and see the measured car battery voltage. You don’t even need to disconnect the battery from your car. If your battery is greater than 12.45 volts, it is sufficiently charged. However, anything below that should be recharged or possibly needs replacement.

The Best Car Battery for You

Every car is different. Just call or visit our shop, and we can figure out what auto battery best suits your vehicle based on your year, make, and model. ASC offers a complete line of Interstate car batteries to get your vehicle back on the road.