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Automotive Supply Center carries auto electrical parts and supplies for all types of foreign and domestic cars. Our wide selection of car fuses, new and rebuilt alternators and starters, terminal connectors, and more will get your vehicle running safely and smoothly again.

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Car Fuses

Chances are that at least one of the car fuses in your vehicle will blow out. In general, most vehicles have two types of car fuses. Older cars have glass, cylinder-shaped fuses with stainless steel on the ends and glass in the middle. Most newer cars have fuses with a plastic housing with the fusible link encased in the housing. If something in your vehicle isn’t working, you’ll need to determine if a blown fuse is the source. This is very easy! When the metal link inside the fuse is separated, the fuse needs to be replaced. If not, then it’s still good, and you can reinstall it.

If you have a blown fuse, the next step is finding a proper replacement. Some vehicles come with a supply of spare car fuses. Otherwise, you’ll need to quickly visit our auto parts store. The most important thing to remember when replacing a fuse is to use the exact same amperage rating as the blown one. If you use a car fuse with a different amperage rating, you risk either blowing the fuse again or damaging the equipment the fuse is designed to protect. For more info on car fuses, check out this video:


Many people think the battery powers your car, but that’s not true. The battery provides the electricity needed for the electric starter motor to start the car. When the car is running, alternators generate energy to feed the electrical system and charge the battery.

If the check engine or warning light that looks like a battery appears on your dashboard, you may need a new alternator. Even if the warning light isn’t on, dim lights are another indicator of alternator problems. You may also smell burning rubber if a belt is frying or hear a screeching or growling sound from under your hood.

Alternators and car batteries are so closely connected to the electrical system that it’s easy to wonder which one is causing the problem. Fortunately, there is an easy test. Jumpstart the dead car, then remove the jumper cables. If the car dies shortly thereafter, the alternator is likely the culprit. If the car continues to run, then it’s probably your battery that may need to be replaced.


Automotive Supply Center carries an extensive inventory of new and rebuilt starters for all makes and models. A car starter is responsible for turning over or starting your engine. Your battery sends a jolt of electricity, which the starter uses to start your engine. Several signs indicate you need a new starter:

  • Your starter makes a clicking sound when turning the ignition key.
  • Your car won’t start, but your dash lights are on.
  • Jump-starting your car or truck does not turn over the engine at all.

More Auto Electrical Parts and Supplies

Automotive Supply Center carries other electrical parts, accessories, and components, including:

  • Headlight/Taillight bulbs
  • Electrical Connectors
  • Ignition Switches
  • Terminal Connectors
  • Automotive Wire Crimpers

With a full range of auto electrical products, you will surely find what you need.