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There are numerous car accessories for your vehicle. Some accessories will improve your driving comfort, some will increase vehicle and personal safety, while others will defend your vehicle against the environment and harsh driving conditions.

Buy floor mats for your car in Hilo, Hawaii

Protect Your Carpet with Floor Mats

Floor mats are practical and provide interior protection. They protect your carpet while enhancing the inside of your vehicle. We have a variety of floor mats including custom, carpet, rubber, and clear.

Floor mats maintain the value of your vehicle and are often easier to clean than factory mats. Furthermore, each set of car mats is made of the highest quality materials to provide interior protection.

Shield and Comfort with Wind and Rain Deflectors

Installing deflectors to your vehicle is an easy way to keep rain away from open windows. Deflectors are also great for keeping wind noise to a minimum and providing you with a more comfortable drive when your windows are down. Their shape and position make a car more aerodynamic, which forces the wind and rain around the open windows instead of into the vehicle. In addition, they allow you to keep your windows cracked for ventilation without worrying about water soaking your seats and carpets while parked. Check out how easy it is to install wind and rain deflectors:

Shield Your Car from the Elements
with a Car Cover

No matter how hard you try, it is impossible to keep your vehicle completely sheltered from exposure to the elements. The sun causes your paint to fade, cracks rubber, as well as destroys auto interiors. Rain can cause water marks. Although water marks do not generally damage your vehicle’s paint, they diminish your car’s shine.

Many drivers spend hours applying waxes and protectants to their vehicles, but they overlook the most obvious solution–covering it! A car cover will not only protect the vehicle itself, it will preserve all the fine detailing you put into your vehicle.

Preserve Your Vehicle’s Interior
with a Car Sun Shade

A car sun shade blocks the sunlight coming through your vehicle’s windshield to provide relief from the intense heat. Car window shades also protect interior surfaces from sun damage while keeping your internal car temperature much cooler.

Choose a roll-up, folding, or accordion-style car sun shade to suit your taste. All sun shades can be put in place in seconds. The custom fit and quality materials of our car sun shades make them attractive as well as functional car accessories.

Other Car Accessories

Automotive Supply Center offers many other accessories including:

  • Seat and dashboard covers from Dash Design
  • Air fresheners
  • Mirrors
  • License plate frames
  • And much more!
Buy license plate frames in Hilo, Hawaii

Looking to spice up your car? We carry interior, exterior, and performance parts accessories. Customize and add style to your vehicle with hundreds of car accessories to choose from.